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June 20 - July 18, 2021
Converse University, Twichell Auditorium

The MasterWorks Festival

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Performance Calendar


24jun8:30 pmFaculty Recital

25jun7:30 pmStudent Chamber Recital

26jun2:00 pmPotpourri Recital

26jun7:30 pmStudent Chamber Recital

28jun3:45 pmCello/String Masterclass - Alan Harrell

28jun8:15 pm10:00 pmLecture on Brahms Requiem - Lisa Boyko

29jun2:00 pmViola/String Masterclass - Rebekah Edewards

29jun3:45 pmWoodwind Masterclass - Rebecca Watson

30jun3:30 pmPiano Faculty Recital - Li-Shan Hung


01jul3:00 pmSandra Shen - Piano Masterclass

01jul8:15 pmConcerto Competition Finals

02jul2:00 pmVirtual Violin/String Masterclass - David Chan

02jul7:30 pmFaculty Recital & Worship Service

03jul2:00 pmString Intensive Study Recital

03jul7:30 pmFestival Orchestra Concert - Delta David Gier, Conductor

05jul2:00 pmMelinda Lee Masur - Piano Masterclass

06jul2:00 pmBrass Masterclass - Terry Everson

07jul3:30 pmPiano Faculty Recital - Melinda Lee Masur, Lori Rhoden, and Sandra Shen

08jul3:30 pmStudent Piano Recital

08jul8:15 pmSolo Honors Recital

09jul7:30 pmFaculty Recital & Worship Service

10jul2:00 pmPotpourri Recital

10jul7:30 pmFestival Orchestra Concert - Ken-David Masur, Conductor

14jul3:30 pmPiano Faculty Recital - Heidi Louise Williams

15jul3:30 pmStudent Piano Recital

15jul7:30 pmHonors Chamber Recital

16jul2:00 pmPotpourri Recital

16jul7:30 pmFaculty Recital & Worship Service

17jul2:00 pmString Intensive Study Recital

17jul7:30 pmFestival Orchestra Concert - Miriam Burns, Conductor


MasterWorks Festival is an intensive, four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of the classical performing arts.

Together, world-class faculty and gifted students present brilliant performances in an atmosphere of dynamic Christian faith.

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Orchestra Concerts and More!

MasterWorks Festival 2021 provides a diverse offering of concerts, recitals, and masterclasses. World-renowned conductors will conduct weekly orchestra concerts. Guest Artists will perform and provide invaluable instruction to MasterWorks students. Recitals will feature faculty and students.  Please join us for these events!

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This page contains quick links to Fellowships and Scholarships. Your application to the Festival is your application for a Fellowship or Scholarship (except as linked below). If awarded, your payment upon acceptance will be fully refunded.


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Thank you for your generous gift to CPAF and MasterWorks Festival. Your generosity allows us to provide scholarships to needy students, support fellowship groups around the world, and offer free concerts to our community. All gifts are tax-deductible.


Masterwork Festival 2020

Programs for 2021

Orchestra/Chamber Piano/Chamber String Intensive Study (SISP)/Chamber Wind Intensive Study (WISP)/Chamber


The Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship is a trans-denominational ministry dedicated to performing and teaching the classical arts to the glory of God and to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CPAF is the sponsor organization of the MasterWorks Festival, an intensive, four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of the performing arts.