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A Wonderful New Home for the MasterWorks Festival!

This summer, MasterWorks is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by moving to the beautiful campus of Cedarville University, in south-west Ohio. With its excellent facilities – particularly for music and theatre – Cedarville is a perfect match for the many activities of our four-week festival.

The MasterWorks Festival began in the summer of 1997. For five years, we met at Houghton College in New York, and our beginnings were wonderfully nurtured in that environment. In 2002, we moved the festival to the campus of Grace College. Since then, we have enjoyed great fellowship with our many friends in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Now it is time for the “third Stage” of MasterWorks’ ongoing ministries, and it has fantastic potential. Though our location has changed, our faculty, staff, programs, and commitment to excellence remain the same. Please join with us in prayer that in all that this “third stage” includes, everything would be done to glorify the Lord!