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Spiritual Life


Bible Studies

Bible studies are at the heart of the MasterWorks experience. Year after year, they have been a favorite aspect of the Festival for students and faculty alike. Bible studies not only serve as a tool for spiritual growth, but also provide ways of getting to know others on a deeper level. Making MasterWorks unique from other arts festivals, we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the very power of salvation. We want students to see today’s relevance of the God of the Bible–even in the artistic culture. Small groups of students and faculty meet Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00. Attendance is mandatory for all festival participants.

The Festival Bible Study is designed for the spiritual growth of artists. It is comprised of small groups of students, facilitated by one or two MasterWorks faculty members. Facilitators may encourage students to lead some of the lessons. Study materials are geared specifically toward biblical issues relating to artists.

Faculty Devotionals

Faculty testimonies are presented Monday through Saturday during the second half of the lunch hour. World-class faculty and guest artists spend a short time sharing their testimonies about how God is working in their lives as artists in the professional world.

Daily Quiet Time

Every day after lunch, 1:00-1:45 is set aside for campus-wide “quiet time.” For those not acquainted with this practice, it is simply a time for both students and faculty to be quiet before God. You may pray, meditate, read Scripture, or have a combination of these practices. If faculty or students choose to have a quiet time at another point during the day, they are expected to respect their colleagues by leaving this time free of practicing, rehearsing, or social activities and to maintain a quiet setting for others’ personal reflection.

Sunday Worship

Sunday services at MasterWorks are times of campus-wide worship and sharing in the Word of God. Services bring together the talents of each artistic program, and no specific denominational liturgy is followed. The focus is to glorify God through the reading and preaching of his Word, the singing of songs and hymns, and worshipful presentations of artistic offerings by faculty and/or students. Attendance is required.

Evening Worship

Optional worship services are sometimes offered after evening Bible studies. These informal gatherings focus on praise and worship. Students and faculty are encouraged to bring instruments to play, as well as to sing and dance to the glory of the Lord.