Rachel at deskThe CPAF Intern Program runs during the school year (from September through May), and is for young performing artists who love the Lord, work wholeheartedly with His people, and believe in the vision of our ministry. We seek interns who are energetic, positive, fun-loving, and highly motivated. They should be self-starters who can work hard without constant supervision, as well as team players who harmoniously interact with colleagues.

The vision of CPAF is to change the classical arts world for Christ. Therefore, interns should agree with the Doctrinal Statement of CPAF and be able to work well with Christians from a variety of backgrounds. Finally, they should respect the three immovable core-values of our ministry: the classical performing arts, evangelism, and excellence.

Interns who are young performers should be able to give excellent public performances in their art forms. In addition to their artistry, interns need certain skills (and a passion to learn more!) to work well in the CPAF office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can an Intern Expect From CPAF?

What are the Interns’ Specific Roles and Duties?

What Does CPAF Expect from the Interns?

Anything Else?

Who’s in Charge?

What is the Weekly Schedule?

How Do I Apply?

What is the Doctrinal Statement of CPAF?

What Can an Intern Expect From CPAF?

Specific teaching and training

Arts Administration/Ministry Training: Every other week, interns spend one morning in a teaching session with Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh. The course is designed to give young artists the tools to succeed in the various occupations to which God may be calling them. The format is informal and involves both lecture and discussion.
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Spiritual Training

Bible Study Discussion: Alternating weekly with the above training sessions, interns spend one morning a week in a Bible study group discussion led by a senior staff member. This course looks at Biblical principles to explore God’s perspective on the world of the performing arts and how both our individual and corporate lives are affected.

Arts Administration Work Experience

Interns gain valuable experience as they work with the staff in the administration of CPAF’s ministry. They have responsibilities for certain projects within their ministry areas and often work with others on projects that combine the efforts of all interns.

Lodging, Stipend, & Benefits

Each person accepted into CPAF’s intern program is provided lodging free of charge.* A stipend of $3000 is given to each intern in increments of $300 per month beginning with the first stipend on the Tuesday after Labor Day. The following nine payments are made available on the 28th of each month. Interns are responsible for food and all other personal expenses, including cleaning supplies for their lodging.

*While housing is “free,” the IRS considers it a taxable item.  Therefore, it is listed as an income item on each intern’s paycheck, and federal and state withholdings will include tax on both the monthly stipend and the housing amount.

Artistic Growth

Performance Opportunities: Qualified interns may have opportunity to audition for local symphonies, perform in CPAF-sponsored concerts, and various community engagements. Performance collaboration with other interns and staff is greatly encouraged. CPAF staff members are available to select and coach performance repertoire as needed. Private lessons may be possible, but are not guaranteed.

Coaching and Chamber Music: CPAF staff members are available for coaching chamber groups as well as helping in the selection of repertoire. Again, some private lessons may be possible, but are not guaranteed.

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Personal Growth

Fellowship with like-minded Christian Performing Artists:Interns work from the beginning of September to the end of May in a unique atmosphere of artistic fellowship. Whether working in the office or on a string quartet, each intern is urged to develop close Christian friendships and a lifestyle of mutual encouragement.

Regular Fellowship Nights

CPAF staff and interns gather a few times a year for fellowship nights: an informal time to gather and have fun together. Past fellowship nights have included holiday celebrations, potluck meals, trips to a local chocolate factory, game/movie nights, artistic gift-sharing times, and concerts.

What are the Interns’ Specific Roles and Duties?

Details about each intern’s specific can be found on our Intern Positions page.

What Does CPAF Expect from the Interns?
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Office Work

All interns work 30 hours per week in the CPAF office. (This includes staff meetings, training sessions, and one lunch hour per day.) In addition, interns are expected to attend or perform, if qualified, in CPAF sponsored concerts.


All qualified interns may perform regularly in local CPAF sponsored concerts. Each intern is expected to consistently practice his/her art form in the pursuit of excellence.

Priority of Ministry

Each intern is strongly encouraged to be involved with a local church of his/her choice. Yet, the intern’s primary ministry work is with CPAF. Additionally, interns may find other sources of income (teaching, performing, etc.) as long as such employment does not interfere with their CPAF responsibilities.

Biblical Lifestyle and Witness

It is not the responsibility of CPAF to dictate what interns do in their “off-hours.” However, interns are to “live a life worthy of the Gospel,” and actions before the world are a reflection on our Lord Jesus Christ and on this ministry. Live above reproach.

Raising Support

As a missional organization, CPAF encourages interns to raise additional financial support through their home church community. A fundraising support packet of ideas called “The Starving Artist” is available to assist in making a presentation.

Length of Commitment

CPAF internships generally run from Labor Day through Memorial Day, unless an intern is accepted to attend the summer’s MasterWorks Festival as a student. It is possible to continue an internship for more than one year, but this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Anything else?

We value the input of our CPAF interns to advance MWF. There are two basic categories:

Activities and ideas delegated by CPAF leadership: Interns help by responding with dedication and diligence to the tasks assigned by CPAF staff.

Activities and ideas created and implemented by interns: Each intern is expected to take the time to prayerfully brainstorm new ideas for advancing the ministry and to implement them upon approval from their direct supervisor.

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Who’s in Charge?

The CPAF Board of Directors is the governing authority of the ministry. The Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, is charged with the overall supervision and activities of CPAF, its office, and its personnel. The Office Manager, Arturo Osorio, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CPAF.

Each intern will report directly to a staff member, who will oversee him or her. The staff member’s job is to mentor, encourage, and guide the intern in their work with CPAF.

What is the Weekly Schedule?

The CPAF Office will be open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Thursday mornings are spent in either of the two types of intern teachings mentioned under “What Can an Intern Expect from CPAF?” Tuesday mornings are spent in a staff meeting for all CPAF personnel. Each intern can set their own weekly hours, subject to the approval of the COO.


How do I Apply?

To request an application or for further information, call 574-267-5973 or email:cpaf@christianperformingart.org.

The three step intern application process is as follows:

  • Submit a written application
  • Complete an interview
  • Audition


Selected candidates will have an interview with the Director of CPAF. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the candidates.


It is important that every performing intern demonstrate excellence in his or her art form. Therefore, each candidate should submit an audition CD or DVD reflecting their current skill level in the area of performing arts in which they desire to participate. Exceptions may be granted to candidates whose artistic abilities are previously well known to the CPAF Directors.

What is the doctrinal statement of CPAF?

Our Statement of Faith can be found on the Vision Page.