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C. David Oboe Fellowship

The C. David Oboe Fellowship is a merit-based fellowship awarded to one MasterWorks Festival student who has achieved an exceptional level of musical performance in oboe and/or English horn.  It is funded by local anonymous donors who wish to honor a family member.  Your application to the festival is your application for the oboe fellowship.  If awarded, your festival payment you make upon acceptance will be fully refunded.

The C. David Oboe Fellowship will be awarded by a selection committee from the pool of qualified applicants who have completed the MasterWorks Orchestra Program audition and application requirements on or before March 1, 2021.

The recipient of the C. David Oboe Fellowship will receive tuition, room, and board in MasterWorks facilities.  (He/she will be responsible for the non-refundable application fee, security deposit, and applicable shuttle fees, as well as travel expenses to and from MasterWorks and any extra expenses, such as equipment, souvenirs, etc.)

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit the following by March 1, 2021:

  1. The MasterWorks Festival online application, fully completed.
  2. A current résumé and list of musical experiences, including repertoire studied/performed and ensemble experience.
  3. Early application fee, payable by check or credit/debit card.
  4. A recording of highest quality containing:
    a.  One movement of standard concerto.
    b.  One movement of sonata or a concert piece.
    c.  A movement of a piece of your choice, preferably contrasting style and period.
    d.  Three standard orchestral excerpts

To be considered for the C. David Oboe Fellowship, the applicant must submit a new audition recording, even if he/she is a returning MasterWorks alumnus.  He/she must not be older than 24 years by March 1, 2021, and he/she must only have completed up to a two-year Master’s degree, a one-year post-graduate artists’ diploma, or less.  No exceptions will be made to the listed requirements.  All materials must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 1, 2021.  (If you’re unclear as to whether or not you qualify, please email Festival Administrator at

Fellowship Recipient Expectations

The recipient of the C. David Oboe Fellowship is expected to fulfill the following requirements during his/her participation in the MasterWorks Festival:

  1. Concerto Competition
    He/she will participate in the MasterWorks Festival Concerto Competition, adhering to all required specifications.  He/she will submit accompaniment parts by the deadline, will promptly attend rehearsals, and will abide by all competition rules.*
  2. Chamber Group
    He/she will audition for and participate in a Chamber Group and will lead within the group, organizing rehearsals, coaching, performance opportunities, etc.  The group will give a minimum of one live performance during the Festival.
  3. Expression of Gratitude
    The MasterWorks Festival requires the recipient to hand-write a minimum of two letters of gratitude to the donors of the C. David Oboe Fellowship.  One will be written upon acceptance of the fellowship, the other at the end of the Festival.  Letters should be delivered to the MasterWorks Festival Administrator.
  4. Meet and Greet
    The recipient and donor will have a formal opportunity to meet over a meal.  To protect the student, a Festival staff member will join this event.  The Festival will cover the cost of the meal for the student, one staff member, and the donor(s) in the dining facility, unless the donor selects a different location at his or her own expense.  The donor(s) may waive this event if he/she wishes to remain anonymous. If this requirement is waived, the winner may be asked to perform at and participate in Intermezzo, the MasterWorks Festival donors’ banquet.

*In the event that the recipient is not selected for the Concerto Competition finals, he/she will perform as a soloist in the Honors Recital, adhering to all guidelines therein, detailed on the MasterWorks website and student handbook.