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Composition Enrichment Program

MasterWorks is pleased to offer a Composition Enrichment program during weeks one and two (June 16 – June 30). This will be an add-on program. Students will need to be registered for one of the standard programs (Orchestra, Piano, or String Intensive) to add on the Composition Enrichment.  The two-week cost for the program is $400.

The introductory – advanced composition study program is for students who have an interest in developing and strengthening their composition and arranging skills. The program will be limited to 8 participants.

The schedule for the program is as follows:

Weekly Classes:

*Students who are in the introductory group may have a different schedule. 

*Other MasterWorks students interested in composing are welcome to attend the masterclasses as guests. 


Accepted introductory level students will be contacted by the composition faculty.

Accepted intermediate – advanced students will be required to choose and complete two of the following projects before MasterWorks begins.

Note: All compositions MUST be completed using music notation software.

Audition Requirements:

Submit links to 2 scores with the corresponding recordings:

Requirements: Each piece must be at least 3 minutes long, but no longer than 7 minutes. Excerpts from longer works are fine.

Formatting: Scores MUST be PDF files. Recordings MUST be MP3 files. Scores and recordings not in these formats will not be accepted. Note: Recordings can be midi file MP3s, though live performances are preferred.

Students must include the links to the scores and MP3s in the festival application.  Files should be stored in OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., with permissions set to allow viewers to access the files.

The application deadline is March 19th, 2024, 11:59 PST. Applications received on or after March 20, 2024 will be accepted as spaces are available. Applications remain open until enrollment spots are filled. Begin the 2024 application here.