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Jonathan McWilliams

Jonathan McWilliams has been a member of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera since 2013, Principal bassist of the Huntsville Symphony (2014), and section member of the Greenville Symphony (2015).  He studied bass at the University of North Texas, the Boston Conservatory, and the Yale school of music.  His primary teachers were Jeff Bradetich, Ben Levy, and Don Palma.  As a student at Masterworks, he studied with Tom Sperl, Derek DeVelder, Greg Dougan, Bert Witzel, and Karl Olsen.  He has subbed with a number of symphonies including the Atlanta, Louisville, New Haven, Springfield, Plymouth and Abilene Symphonies.  Currently, Jonathan is in the post-candidacy stage of the doctoral program at the University of Georgia.  Jonathan is married to Millie McWilliams, and they have three children Vera, Chuck, and Dave.  In his spare time Jonathan reads sports articles, listens to all sorts of music, and is a passionate fan of the Kansas City Royals.