Scholarships have now been modified for our 2020 Festival that is now Chamber and Intensive.  Thank you to many of our generous donors for carrying thru scholarships in this new structure for 2020.


This page contains quick links to Fellowships and Scholarships.  Your application to the Festival is your application for a Fellowship or Scholarship (except as linked below).  If awarded, your payment upon acceptance will be fully refunded.


String Fellowships – Full Four Week $4200 Orchestra Fellowships cover Full Tuition, Room & Board
The Richard and Sherrill Lambert Orchestra Violin Fellowship
The Lisa Boyko Orchestra Viola Fellowship
The Barbara Kavanaugh Orchestra Cello Fellowship
The Derek DeVelder Orchestra Bass Fellowship

The Tavani Family Orchestra String Fellowship Page (If you are a string player, this has a separate application process) – Full Four Week $4200 Fellowship covers Full Tuition, Room & Board

The C. David Oboe Fellowship page – Full Four Week $4200 Fellowship covers Full Tuition, Room & Board

Lora P. Perry Trumpet Scholarship

Erling Finne Trumpet Scholarship

Tuba, Bassoon, French Horn:
Porter Family Scholarship Fund

Eugene Alcalay Memorial Piano Scholarship Fund