Fellowships and Scholarships

Note the 2022 Festival is over, this page will be updated with 2023 scholarship info as soon as possible.

This page contains quick links to Fellowships and Scholarships.  Your application to the Festival is your application for a Fellowship or Scholarship (except as linked below).  If awarded, you will receive a phone call and an email which you need to respond to within one week.  If you do not respond in that time frame, the next receiving student will be given the award.  Any tuition payment upon acceptance will be fully refunded.


The Tavani Family Orchestra String Fellowship (If you are a string player, this has a separate application process) – Full Four Week $4500 Fellowship covers Full Tuition, Room & Board

Lora P. Perry Trumpet Scholarship

Erling Finne Trumpet Scholarship

Carolyn Roberts Memorial Clarinet Scholarship

Poovey-Lindemann Scholarship 1/2 Tuition

Tuba, Bassoon, French Horn:
Porter Family Scholarship Fund

Eugene Alcalay Memorial Piano Scholarship Fund

International Student:
Spartanburg Music Club