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Fundraising your way to MWF!

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Is your financial situation making you hesitate about whether to come to MasterWorks?

Don’t let it!

Here are a few suggestions that can make your trip to the MasterWorks Festival more practical than ever–you can afford to come without breaking the bank!

Before we go into details, make sure you APPLY FIRST!!!!

1. Give a benefit recital. This is a really popular way to raise money for all sorts of causes and MWF students love to use this method (and have had successful results).

2. Write Letters/emails. Remember that MasterWorks is like missionary training—you can present it as such!

3. Give a presentation. Talk to your church elders, your parents’ Sunday School class, your congregation, a small group or Bible study.

4. Have a yard sale. Offer to take unwanted items off the hands of your friends and relatives. Instead of pricing everything, save time and put up signs saying “Name Your Price and Help Me Attend the MasterWorks Festival.”

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5. Create a Matching Challenge.

6. Ask for non-cash support. Maybe you have enough money saved up for MasterWorks, but no way to pay for gas to get there. Ask people to donate gas cards/frequent flier miles, or to purchase new strings or music.

7. Apply for a summer study grant/scholarship from your school, youth orchestra, music club, community foundation or local philanthropic club (like Kiwanis or Optimists).

8. Two-for-One. Partner with your church or other organization that raises money for a good cause.

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