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Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas from MasterWorks!

Hanukkah started last night at sunset. Jesus celebrated the Festival of Lights! JOHN 10: 22-23 And now we can celebrate Him!

What a blessing you all are to God’s work at the MasterWorks Festival. We are so thankful for a wonderful host city and college in Spartanburg – amazing new relationships with so many arts lovers, volunteers, donors, and musicians! Our faculty are amazing, coming from all over to serve, teach, mentor, perform, and impart to our students. The students we’ve had are such great people! These young men and women give hope for the next generation not just in the arts, but wherever these young professionals go to serve and live for Jesus. What a joy to know God has a unique plan for each of our students. We’re praying already for those that will be with us for 2020! Students don’t forget everyone gets a $1000 scholarship just for applying before our January 20th deadline!

And more materials and information can be found here:

At MasterWorks, it’s not just about the classical performing arts, but we’re glad we get to participate in such beautiful artistry, it’s about Living for Jesus – wherever we happen to be. Let’s remember to focus on Jesus as we celebrate this Christmas – that he focused on us, gave his life for us, arose to life for us, lives inside us, Emmanuel is with us, and is indeed coming back for us to be with him.

We wish YOU a very Merry Christmas!
Adam Smith, Board Chair