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MasterWorks Leaving Winona Lake, IN

Now looking for vibrant communities for the festival that would be a fit in Faith, Funding, and Facilities.

Dear Friends,
This is news we were given last week that we felt extremely important to convey. The President of Grace College, Dr. Bill Katip, and I worked together on the following letter being shared here:

Letter from Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh with Dr. Bill Katip

After fourteen years and hundreds of performances, the MasterWorks Festival will now be leaving Winona Lake, Indiana. Earlier this week (on Tuesday, July 21), Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh was informed by Grace College officials that the Rodeheaver Auditorium would not be available to us next summer. The college is working with a company that will soon be redesigning Rodeheaver for other usages. Furthermore, the needs of new Worship Arts program at Grace College will necessitate the vacating of the MasterWorks Festival offices later this year.

Dr. Bill Katip, president of Grace College, expressed his deep appreciation for the cultural richness and ministry MasterWorks has brought to Winona Lake and to the Grace College community. Recognizing the stress this creates for the MasterWorks program, he pledged his personal prayer, support and encouragement through the upcoming transitions.

The leadership of the MasterWorks Festival wishes to fervently thank Grace College for their tremendous support over the past fourteen years. We have worked well together, and we love each other very much. Whether here or from afar, we will always remain dear friends and co-workers in Christ.

Please join us in prayer for the future of MasterWorks. We are currently looking at a number of Christian colleges, so that the unique ministry of the festival will continue, even if at a different location. We have greatly enjoyed the years we have had in Winona Lake, and the wonderful support and friendship we have found throughout Kosciusko County. We will miss all of you, and pray God’s very best for this beautiful community!

From this letter, you can see that MasterWorks is on the move to follow the “cloud” in the same way God led the Israelites through the wilderness.

We’re looking for vibrant communities for the festival that would be a fit in Faith, Funding, and Facilities.

We covet your prayers and support during this time. Join with us in excitement about what the Lord will do as He shows us what this new era of MasterWorks is.

For more information, please visit our website at where we will be able to announce updates as they become available.

In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh
Artistic Director, Masterworks Festival