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MasterWorks on a FitBit

by Elianna B. Thorne

When I put a brand new battery into my tiny pedometer the other day, I was staggered to discover that during the course of the ensuing day I logged over 10,000 steps, roughly 4 miles. How was this possible? Wasn’t I sitting all the time? I endeavored to find out.

Day 2 with the new FitBit battery: I donned my trusty companion for my early morning trip to unlock rooms in the DMC. This trip included not only walking from the townhouse and back, via my grass-dominant shortcut but also a full circuit through all the hallways in the music building. It should not be surprising, then, that by the time I got home I had walked over 3⁄4 of a mile.

Once I was properly ready for the day, I decided to kill some time by going to breakfast, for possibly the only time during the festival. Not of a side trip, since the Student Center is next door to the DMC, but on a college campus nothing is actually next door. Back at the DMC, I was already up to a mile and a half, and I haven’t even started work yet!

When one thinks of music librarians and administrative assistants, pictures of peacefully sitting at desks may enter your mind; but this is MasterWorks. Since the festival commenced I don’t think I have sat still for more than an hour at a time without interruption: running back and forth to the copier, the music tables, and the office, looking for pens and scissors, and checking on things and people in other parts of the building, not including housing managing weekend concerts.

Three hours and many, many copies later, I was up to almost 2 1⁄4 miles. The production office is a large room, and I had to cross the lobby to visit the office a few times. But over 5,000 steps! No wonder I was starving.

After lunch and the faculty devotional, I was ukt_mwf_20160626_1023p another 1⁄2 mile. I then set out to find a peaceful place to observe quiet time, which required walking away from places where there were people, and walking back. My total was now at 8,200 steps. Perhaps the Cedarville campus was not so compact after all.

Then I was recruited to help set up the Opera House. Before I left the music library, I had 3 3⁄4 miles, and had been working in the production office for an hour. I walked 1⁄4 mile to my car so I could drive 1 mile to move platforms and furniture another 1⁄4 mile’s

worth of steps. Back in the music library later I logged another 3⁄4 mile before dinner. My feet hurt, but I had walked 11,500 steps.

By the end of the day, after walking to and from dinner and back to the townhouse, 6 miles! So, evidently, we walk more than we think. MasterWorks is excellent exercise.