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Mourning the loss of Patrick Kavanaugh

Patrick Kavanaugh -1954-2018 Rest in Peace with Jesus our Dear Maestro

The Masterworks Festival is saddened to announce that Patrick Kavanaugh,  founder and director of the Christian Performing Artists Fellowship and The Masterworks Festival until his retirement in 2016, passed away suddenly [from a heart attack] on April 2, 2018. We mourn his loss, while  celebrating his heavenly reward, where music and worship Soli Deo Gloria sounds before the throne without ceasing. He is survived by the love of his life, wife Barbara, his sons Christopher, John, Peter and David and their families.   Beloved to students and faculty alike, Dr. Kavanaugh’s passion and vision to carry the Gospel into the world of the classical performing arts world inspired countless aspiring musicians, actors and dancers to share their faith in Jesus with fellow artists, start Bible studies in their conservatories, dance or theater companies, and view excellence in their various disciplines as an act of worship.  He will be remembered fondly for his smile, his sense of humor (“turn off any electronic devices – your cell phone, your laptop….your toaster oven…”) and ever ready encouragement. A memorial service will be held on April 6, 2018 in Witchita Falls, TX, as well as memorials during the 2018 Masterworks Festival.

Here are the books he authored.:

Perhaps his best known book: “Patrick Kavanaugh uncovers the spirituality of twenty of music’s timeless giants, revealing legacies of the soul as diverse as the masterpieces they created. Warmly written, beautifully illustrated, and complete with listening recommendations for each composer, Spiritual Lives of the Great Composters is a fascinating look at the inner flame that lit the works of these masters.”