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New Contact Info for the MasterWorks Office!

Announcing a new direction for the MasterWorks Festival’s year-round office!

Beginning Monday, April 18th, we will open our two new offices which we are calling MasterWorks West and Masterworks East. Specifically, Patrick and Barbara Kavanaugh are moving to Alburquerque, NM (near lots of grandchildren!), and working via Virtual Office with the rest of our staff in their new office located in Shippensburg, PA. We hope that this new arrangement will make it possible to serve everyone better and to expand our ministries. It should be both interesting and highly productive.

Please pray as we work out the final details! Below is the new contact info for both offices:

MasterWorks East
(Administration, Marketing, Alumni, Production)
P.O. Box 134
Orrstown, PA 17244

574-218-6622 (ext. 101)



MasterWorks West
(Leadership, Personnel, Finance)