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Chamber Music

Chamber Music Program

Week 1 – All students participate in Chamber music

Weeks 2-4 – Shift to Orchestra as the focus, but all students have the Option to continue Chamber Music

Dates:  June 21 – July 19, 2020

Tuition Cost for All 4 Weeks:  $4,200 (discounted tuition till March 16)

Tuition Cost for 2 Weeks:  $2,100 (discounted tuition till March 16); June 21 – July 5  or  July 5 – July 19

The Chamber Music Program is designed for passionate and motivated students desiring to refine technique, learn new repertoire, and prepare for auditions and performances. Combining one-on-one teaching with four hours of required daily practice time, this program encourages students to effectively integrate faith and art. SISP is open to qualified students ages 14 to 26. SISP faculty members oversee practice time, teach private lessons, and coordinate SISP classes. Students participate in performance classes, Master Classes, and weekly private lessons as well as experiencing daily prayer, devotionals and other festival-wide spiritual activities to strengthen students’ faith. Please refer to the spiritual life section for more information.

To see the bios of the SISP faculty members, click here.

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Performance opportunities include:

  • Daily Rehearsals
  • Chamber Group Recitals
  • Masterclass
  • Run-out Concerts
  • Sunday Morning Worship Services

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