MasterWorks Leaving Winona Lake, IN

Now looking for vibrant communities for the festival that would be a fit in Faith, Funding, and Facilities. Dear Friends, This is news we were given last week that we felt extremely important to convey. The President of Grace College, Dr. Bill Katip, and I worked together on the following letter being shared here: Letter … Continued

Program Note: Brahms’ Symphony No. 1

We are excited for the many orchestra concerts we have coming up this summer! One of the masterpieces we will be performing this summer is Brahms’ Symphony No. 1. As a “sneak-peek,” Jonathan Keener writes a program note for this great work including a little history of the genre of symphony. Enjoy reading about this … Continued

You’re An Athlete, So Act Like It

Rachel Potter gives us advice about taking care of our bodies as an artist. If you’re a dancer, you just rolled your eyes and gave me a “Duh.” But, chances are, if you’re in any of the other artistic disciplines, you might not place such a label on yourself. It’s easy to see how dancers … Continued

A New Way to Fundraise Your Way to MasterWorks!

We are excited to announce a new way to raise money for your tuition to the MasterWorks Festival! We’re partnering with Yankee Candle Fundraising to help you raise your tuition for this summer. They are the world’s #1 candle brand and they offer a wide ranger of premium candles, fragrances, and decor items at a … Continued

Playing by Heart

Jonathan Keener talks about the heart of playing. I am a pianist. One of the most difficult things about playing the wonderful instrument of the piano is the expectation that the performer play everything by memory. In recent years, some people have questioned this requirement, suggesting the “rule” that all solo piano performing be done … Continued

Pray In The Spirit

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. (NIV) ~Ephesians 6:18 ~ This popular verse is very commonly quoted, and for good reason. After all, it tells us that we may come … Continued

Engaging Your Community

As performing artists, we’re called to worship and serve God with our gifts and in our communities. But have you ever wondered what that looks like? How can we creatively bring the light of Jesus into our schools and communities? Through the Spirit, every day occurrences can be turned into opportunities to spread the Gospel.  … Continued

Accomplishing the Possible

Everybody is doing it. Or, at least, everybody is talking about doing it. Are you doing it too? I’m talking about your New Year’s resolution. Maybe you want to work on that audition piece to get into grad school. Maybe you want perfect your grand jete. Maybe you want to conquer a half marathon. Maybe … Continued


“It is only when my heart is owned by Christ that I will be free from the driven and anxious pursuit of things that I cannot properly hold, cannot control, and that will quickly evaporate.” —  Paul David Tripp Auditions, photo shoots, rehearsals, practice practice, practice, commuting, collaborating, studying, and all the other enthusiastic and … Continued