Converse College for 2019 has some different Tech program needs.  Those interested should write to the Festival Administrator for additional details.

The Technical Internship Program is for dedicated and passionate individuals seeking development in the areas of technical and festival production, as well as integrating faith and the arts. Tech internships enable students to meet and work with leading professionals in the performing arts industry while gaining hands-on experience with technical production.

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2017 intern positions include:

  • General Production
    The General Production Intern serves as the coordinator for the student work-service program for the MasterWorks Festival. Additionally, the intern functions as an assistant to the Festival’s theatre stage manager and the Festival’s music librarian. This internship provides training and experience in office management, house management, and general festival production technical support. Ideal applicants will possess exceptional skills in organization and time management, work well under pressure, and have proficiency in word processing and document layout.
  • General Production/Audio/Lighting
    This internship covers a variety of roles on the production team. For the duration of the Festival, this intern will be responsible to meet all audio and recording needs, operate sound systems as required, and provide assistance to the Festival lighting designer as requested. The internship also includes opportunities to participate in general festival production projects. Ideal applicants for this internship will have experience in audio equipment operation, some previous exposure to hanging and focusing lighting instruments, and be physically capable of regularly carrying equipment and supplies up to 40 pounds.
  • Scenic/Properties Design & Construction
    This intern works closely with stage managers and program directors from the Theatre and Vocal Intensive Study programs to design and construct sets and locate and/or construct props for each of these program’s productions. Creativity and efficiency are developed while working within a limited budget to design and build sets according to the directors’ visions. Strong applicants will possess previous design and construction experience.
  • Voice Department Assistant/Opera Scenes Stage Manager
    The Vocal Intensive Studies Program (VISP) intern coordinates all production support for the classes, rehearsals, masterclasses, and performances of the VISP. Communicating with VISP directors, creating and posting schedules, and managing the VISP facility are also daily activities of the internship. The intern functions as stage manager for all VISP performances and is responsible for working with production staff and interns to meet all costuming, set design, and props needs for the vocal department. Applicants should have stage management experience and possess music-reading skills.
  • Theatre Stage Manager
    The theatre stage manager provides all technical support to the theatre program and serves as stage manager for the theatre productions. The intern manages theatre rehearsals, maintains rehearsal spaces, and coordinates daily theatre program needs. Extensive communication with theatre program directors, scenic/properties designer, and costume designer to coordinate production needs is a vital function of the theatre internship. Applicants must have experience in theatre stage management. Some lighting design knowledge helpful but not required.
  • Orchestra Management
    Interns communicate daily with conductors and orchestra faculty members. Moving instruments, managing rehearsal space schedules, meeting needs for all student and faculty recitals, and functioning as stage managers for large-scale orchestral concerts give interns hands-on experience in many aspects of music production management. Applicants should have musical background, preferably in orchestral contexts; this internship requires exemplary communication and inter-personal skills. Applicants should be physically capable of regularly carrying equipment and instruments up to 40 pounds. Ideal applicants will have some experience in driving large vehicles (12 to 15 passenger vans). Previous experience in orchestra management is helpful, but not required.
  • Photography and Archives
    This intern creates a complete photographic archive of all festival events. A major responsibility of the internship is to photograph, design, and digitally upload a photo directory of all faculty and students. Experience with Adobe In Design software is helpful, but not required. Camera and photography equipment are not provided by the Festival. At the completion of the internship, all photos are submitted to the Production Director.
  • Video Recording and Archives
    Interns are responsible to record and archive all performances, recitals, and Festival events. Videography interns operate and maintain MasterWorks Festival video recording equipment; additional duties include editing, formatting, and uploading recordings to MWF media outlets throughout the festival. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is helpful, but not required.
  • Promotional Project Videography
    This internship includes both filming and editing. The intern will work directly with MasterWorks Festival staff to identify and film specific events and material for promotional purposes. The internship culminates in creating and editing to final form a publicity video for the MasterWorks Festival.
  • Music Library and Merchandise
    This intern manages all scores and parts for the two MasterWorks Festival orchestras and for the Chamber Music program. Skills are developed through working closely with conductors and concertmasters to prepare and manage orchestral parts. The library intern regularly guides student crews in distributing and collecting parts, copying bowings, and cataloging music. An additional responsibility is the management of merchandise sales at all large Festival concerts and events. Product inventory, sales records, and cash reconciliation are elements of this internship. Applicant requirements include ability to read music and basic knowledge of orchestral instruments and procedures. This intern must work well in a high-pressure environment, and be skilled in managing large-scale projects within tight deadlines.

DSC_9310During a typical week, a tech intern participates in daily sessions that focus on performing arts topics and plans for the day’s activities. Work sessions are held in the morning and afternoon, allowing interns to concentrate on projects and departmental tasks. Interns also provide technical and stage-hand support for all festival productions.

All tech interns are involved in the spiritual aspects of MasterWorks Festival. Please see the spiritual life section for more information.

Ideal applicants should be at least 18 years of age. One year of college or equivalent employment experience in any related disciplines is beneficial, but not required. Tech internships are five weeks long. Interns receive room and board. School credit is offered by special arrangement.

Technical Internship Program Requirements

Applicants must submit:

1) Technical Internship Application fully completed (download the application here)

2) A cover letter explaining what internship you are interested in and why

3) A résumé detailing technical and production experience

4) Two letters of recommendation

Please send all materials to both and In your email, please state which position you would like to apply for.