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The 2018 Festival Begins

Students are arriving, some from overseas, China, Honduras, Canada, and all over the United States.  Our wonderful faculty are arriving, volunteers are arriving, so many things being set in motion to facilitate the 2018 MasterWorks Festival in Spartanburg, SC.  The 22nd Festival is in motion!  Prayers have been made for the students, faculty, and volunteers all coming together, that God is present with us, that He orchestrates the changes of hearts and lives.

It is a wonderful time of music performances, fellowship, prayer time, new friends, and lots of practicing!  Musicianship goes up for all the students, amazing new repertoire is learned and played, new friendships are formed that can last for decades, and spiritual milestones are made in the lives of the students, as they come to learn how God wants to bless the work of their hands (music or otherwise) and be a stronger part of their lives.

MasterWorks looks forward to welcoming you to Free Orchestra Concerts, and many other performances during the next four weeks.  We look forward to seeing you.