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Why I Believe Every Young Christian Performer Needs a MasterWorks Experience


On tonight’s blog, Dr. Kavanaugh shares what you can learn at the MasterWorks Festival!


Let’s face it: being   a young performer can be tough! The long hours of practice, the nervousness of performing, the ongoing competition, taking auditions, constantly having to learn new material, preparing for lessons and classes – and of course, the uncertainty of your future…the performing arts are not for cowards!

Many college and high school performers feel rather alone while dealing with the above challenges. Their friends who major in business or engineering don’t always understand such struggles. Sometimes even family members can discourage us.
Furthermore, young performers who are also Christians may feel split in two at times. My wife says that, as a young cellist, she always had her musician friends (who were not very interested in spiritual matters) as well as her church friends (who were not very interested in her cello music). I have talked with dozens of young performers who have had similar frustrating experiences.


Suddenly they are surrounded by students their age who love Jesus, Beethoven, and Shakespeare! They take an audition and are asked, “Do you mind if we pray for you first?” They listen to daily devotionals by professional faculty members who candidly admit that they have gone through many of the same challenges that the students struggle with. They attend Bible Studies that deal with the contemporary subjects they meet every day: stage-fright, competition, pride, and humility. And they meet life-long friends who will “stick closer than a brother.” (Prov. 18:24)


God does not want us to be divided, but to be made whole. There is no need to “play Brahms during the week and praise God with hymns on Sunday.” Why not offer ALL your performing to the Lord every day!
“Well, Dr. K, they don’t teach us that at my school” – I have heard this many times. Then come to MasterWorks, and see what it’s like to have all your life integrated to the glory of God.
We all need to be around “like-minded” friends. In the 18th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul stayed and ministered with Aquila and Priscilla, “because he was a tentmaker, as they were.” God doesn’t want you to be alone, but to seek out like-minded friends who will encourage you as you encourage them.